For a special treat, try the Snowskin Mooncake at Regent Singapore. This decadent mooncake has a rich custard filling with a generous piece of bird's nest. A golden foil adorns the top of the sweet treat, making it a luxurious treat for any ck tangs mooncake lover. Whether you prefer traditional flavors like steamed and fried mooncakes or a decadent dessert like CK tangs, you will find a great choice at Regent Singapore.
Ding Bakery has expanded its mooncake options. The restaurant offers several snow skin mooncakes. The new Da Li Rose Snowskin Mooncake features floral notes and is delicious with a hint of strawberry. The Yunnan Dark Brown and Truffle Snowskin Mooncake is a new creation that uses dark brown sugar and a delicious earthy aftertaste. The Fairmont also offers delicious, gourmet mooncakes.
CK Tangs Mooncake
You may have heard about the CK Tangs mooncake, but what is it and how does it compare to traditional Singaporean fare? I'll tell you. This classic dessert has a lot to offer. It comes in a rectangular gift box, but the flavor will vary. The presentation is just as beautiful and the flavors are no less delicious. The presentation is also a nod to Singapore's culinary heritage.
The baked mooncake comes in several flavors. For example, this year, there is Sakura cherry blossom MSW durian, and there is also a 100% Black Gold MSW durian. The durian filling is made with hand-peeled durians, ensuring freshness in every bite. The Snowskin mooncake comes in a luxurious rose gold-themed gift box. A CK tangs mooncake is an absolute must-try for anyone who loves durian.

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